Reference Array of values in any Klip on dashboard, as Global Variable

Hi Klipfolio Community!

So many of you will be familiar with the Company Properties, which are hard coded variable values, that you can use throughout any Klip in your account.
However, sometimes you may need to be able to use multiple values for a variable, often where the multiple values are calculated using a complex formula, you don't want to repeat in multiple places.

The below steps will allow you to do so!

First, add a User Input Control.
In the Properties Panel, set the Visibility to 'Hide Always', which makes the component hidden outside of the Editor.

Note that this part is optional, as you are free to have an interactive user input control, that can be changed as well.
We will go over that in a little more detail at the bottom.

Then, create a new variable, and use it in the User Input Control.

In the Values of the Input control, start with whatever array of values you want to use.
For this example, lets say the numbers 1-25.

Then, wrap it in the JOIN function, to create a single, comma-seperated value.
If you are using Numbers, you may need to use the NUMBERFORMAT function to remove decimals.

Otherwise, you can just join the values normally.

Then, in any other Klip, you can use the variable in a formula, and unpack it into multiple values with ARRAY.

This can be done in any Klip for the same dashboard, and any Klip on any dashboard if you set the input control to have a scope of 'All Dashboards'.
If you started with the default scope, and changed to 'All Dashboards', you will need to remove the dashboard the input control is located on(3 dots next to tab name), then add it back again to clear the old variable value.

If what you are looking to do is have multiple arrays of values, and have these be selectable in the Input Control, do the following.
First, make sure that the visibility of the input control is set to Show Always.

Then, use the ARRAY and JOIN functions in combination to get multiple arrays of multiple values.

Happy Klipping!



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    Leonardo Murcia

    Thank you Josh! I am having trouble using several values for a new Custom User Property I created.  Is there a reason why a value with spaces in it wouldn't work?  I have two values that work: 0001,OFICINA,0004-NACIONALES.  However, when I use 0012-BMW 7 DE AGOSTO and try to select ALL to display all three values, then it doesn't work.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

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    Meggan King

    Hi Leonardo,

    Thanks for reaching out with your question. The value '0012-BMW 7 DE AGOSTO' should work fine in your variables list. If the ALL case is failing it may have to do with something else in your data. How are your formulas handling the ALL case with the array currently? 




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