[Feature Request] Generating google map with country boundaries using Fusion table

Hi Klipfolio team,


I have an issue with HTML template, I tried to generate google map with country boundaries using Fusion table.

I tried the code in jsfiddle and it works fine as I wanted. So, I'm convinced and moved the code to Klipfolio report in HTML Template.

The map itself, generated nicely without any issue. But, the country boundaries doesnt show.


Me and Klipfolio support team has discussed this issue, and they reached to a conclusion that:

"The Klipfolio's object model is different from jsfiddle's. The way google has structured its code is such that the JavaScript has to be called within the page body, causing incompatibility with Klipfolio HTML Template."

And the support team suggest me to open a new request here.


Thank you



Boyke Ferdinandes

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    Meggan King

    Hi Boyke -

    I've posted a link to your issue in the HTML Component community forum. When you are using custom code. Hopefully some of the customers there can offer ideas on how to get your custom code working. 




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