Close.io integration (with Zapier?)

I'm curious about any klips, templates, best practices where someone has integrated close.io into a dashboard.  I'm specifically looking to embed the "Status Change Report" that is in Close.io into Klipfolio.  Anybody done that and could share advice?

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    Stephen Yates

    Hi Chris,

    There are a few ways that you could integrate Close.io into your dashboard. One option is to setup a connector to query data directly from the Close.io REST API. The 'Opportunities" endpoint seems to have the data you are looking for. Have a look at the Close.io API Documentation and our Guide to REST API data sources.

    Another option would be to export the report and then upload the data into Klipfolio. Both CSV and JSON files can be uploaded or emailed to Klipfolio to create data sources.

    You could also use Zapier to get data into a data source or even embed the Close.io report directly into your dashboard using an iFrame control. 

    It would be great to hear from someone who has created dashboards for Close.io. In the meantime our support team would be happy to help you out.

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