Dynamically Set Default Value for User Input Dropdown List Control

Hello! I've created a dashboard/Klip that contains a User Input Dropdown List control to filter by Month. We link to this dashboard/Klip from our new intranet site, and users are complaining that the default month is always "August" (8) every time users re-open the site. Once users initially re-set the Month dropdown value, the selected value is remembered throughout the life of the intranet site session. But once a new browser/intranet session launches, the default value goes back to August. Is there a way to specify the default value dynamically (to the current month)? Thanks! -E.



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    Meggan King

    Hi Eric -

    Does your dropdown have a default set? You can order your list to have the current month first and not show months in the future. Depending on how you link to the dashboard, you can use parameters in your URL to set the variable to a specific value. That works for dashboard permalinks, but not for published links. Is the intranet site linking to a permalink or published link?

    Can you provide more specifics on what is configured in the drop-down and how the link to the dashboard is set up?




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    Joe Williams

    Any update on this question?  Having the same problem.  We need a way to dynamically set the default value in a control interface to the current week/month/whatever. 

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    Leann Lewis

    It's true that you can select a "default value" for a given parameter but it can be problematic for rolling values. For example, we have many Klips that have a two year window where the user can select any fiscal Quarter in the time frame. So the menu options actually change dynamically as the year progresses.

    Ideally we would want the Klip to default to the most recent quarter - but since the most recent quarter changes every 3 months it would be a process to update manually each time the quarter changes.

    It would be cool if the default value could be "Top item in select list" or "bottom item in list" for list type inputs. Or "Most recent date in data source" for date inputs. Or, as suggested above, even just a dynamic formula reference where I could do something like max($user_input) as the default parameter value. To reduce the amount of data potentially being processed in a dynamic reference you could restrict manipulation of the default value to the values or labels of that particular Input Control.

    I imagine there is a way to work around this but this would be a great feature to have.

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