Woocommerce Dashboard/Pre-built klips

Not having custom klips for woocommerce really seems very basic as there are millions of businesses who use it.


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    Danielle Hodgson

    Hello Sufyan,

    Thank you for your input. You can connect to WooCommerce through our Service Connectors gallery. You will find that there are a couple prebuilt queries that you can use or you can write a custom query. Our focus right now is on getting our customers connected to more services and so we are less focussed on pre-built klips. I have made note of your interest though.

    Thank you!

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    Martin Sosa

    Hello, I was wondering if a custom Klip for Woocommerce has been built since 2017.


    I'm evaluating switching to Klipfolio, but I haven't seen any klip available for my Woocommerce store yet - just a pre-built data source.

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