Intercom data integration - Can the historical data be stored?

Hi guys,

Question - Can the historical data from intercom be integrated to Klipfolio?

Let's say I would like to plot a graph of the no. of users and no. of leads weekly from Intercom?
How can I do that?

Thanks Chloe T


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    Danielle Hodgson

    Hi Chloe,
    Thank you for your message! I agree that this is a valuable use case. From what I can tell by looking at Intercom's API documentation, they do provide creation and signed-up date information in their responses for queries about users. They also provide count information for number of users, leads, etc. Right now Klipfolio doesn't store historical data so we would rely on Intercom to make this historical data available. 

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    Stephen Yates

    I am happy to share that it is now possible to store data history in Klipfolio. The new Metric Monitoring capability allows you to define a metric to track over time. Additional data is stored for the metric on each data refresh. 

    You can learn more about metrics here. As well the Knowledge Base has a bunch of useful articles

    Thank you,


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