How to align Google Analytics metric data to what you see in Google Analytics reports

When creating Google Analytics metrics (for either Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4), you may notice that the values you see in your metric are slightly out of alignment with the values visible in Google Analytics’ reporting tools. For example, you may see your metric values listed as being on the prior or next day in PowerMetrics compared to Google Analytics itself. This is due to the lack of time zone information provided by Google Analytics when exporting data to PowerMetrics, and can be corrected by adjusting the custom display time zone on your metric.  If you want to view your metric so that it aligns with what you see in Google Analytics, you’ll want to set this display time zone on your metric to ‘Universal’.

To apply this custom time zone setting:

  1.     Click the date range for the metric, dashboard, or metric list.

  2.     Scroll to the bottom of the date range options and click Time zone settings.

  3.     Select the “Universal” time zone from the drop-down list and click Apply.

Making this change should result in your metrics matching Google Analytics! If you have any questions around this, feel free to reach out to support@klipfolio.com.


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