How to show a running total or cumulative users line chart?

Dear community, 

I have a table of my users with the following columns:

A - Id - the specific Id of a user
B - E-mail
- the email of a user
C - Count - set to one for each email
D - Registration Date - the date on which the user registered
E - Type - the type of a user (i.ex., administrator, student, etc)

I am trying to build a line chart which shows the running total of my users day by day, something like this:

If I use: CUMULATIVE(@C:C;) it doesn't give me the output shown. 
If I use: CUMULATIVE(COUNTDISTINCT(@C:C;)) it doesn't show me what I want.
If I use: SUM(@C:C;) it also doesn´t show me what I want

What additional formula can I come up with to show this chart? 



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    Parker Selman Official comment

    Hi Zhanna, 

    Thanks for the post! 

    With that information given, CUMULATIVE(@C:C) should be the correct formula for the series in this case, but depending on what you have set for the X axis of this chart, your results may not be what you're looking for just yet. With a series formula of CUMULATIVE(@C:C) , your X axis will need to be set to @D:D, assuming this is where your dates exist. What you're looking to do here is ensure that your series formula outputs the same amount of items as your X axis to ensure alignment. you can click the lightning bolt to the right of the formula bar (or use alt+A) to evaluate each formula and view how many items are outputted by each formula. Having them match should ensure that your values are displayed correctly. 

    I hope this helps - if you're still facing challenges with this, I'd recommend reaching out to support@klipfolio.com so our support team can more closely troubleshoot the issue. 



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    Zhanna Orlova

    Hey Parker! 

    Thank you for the reply. Doing what you suggested I have the same number of elements in both series and X-axis (516 elements on both), but I get this graph instead:

    You see it's impossible to have 39,655 entries because I have only 516 data points. Now, the graph also doesn't grow as expected. I have  column titles in the data, I don't know if that is causing the problem. 

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