Eliminate duplicates with formula

Hello, I am facing the following problem and I ask you to help me to find the right formula.

I have a table with meetings. In each row there is a meeting or the information about the meeting. When it took place, with which customer, with which employee etc..

For each meeting there is also additional information like the customer status or the number of closed contracts with the customer.

The meeting ID is unique in the table, but you can have multiple meetings per customer. Therefore, there are sometimes several rows in the table per customer, and in each meeting row there is the same information regarding the number of concluded contracts.

If I now want to make an evaluation per employee with the number of meetings in a period and at the same time the sum of the concluded contracts, then the sum of the number of concluded contracts is not correct, because individual customers are counted several times (with several meetings per customer).

Which formula can I use to evaluate the number of closed contracts and count each customer only once? I tried variants with Groupby etc. and took the first value or maximum value. But unfortunately the output numbers are not correct.

Many thanks in advance for any help!


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    Yvonne Van Alphen

    Hi Wladimir

    Thanks for describing your use case.

    It might be easier if you open up a support request for your question giving us the name of your Klip?  To do this, email us at support@klipfolio.com.

    If you are wanting to group by customer and then sum the number of closed contracts, you can use the GROUPBY function.

    We can help further over the support ticket.




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    Wladimir Polzer

    Hi Yvonne,

    many thanks for your answer. I will contact support as you suggested.

    Regards, Wladimir

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