Klip with GA4 data about how many visitors there has been on specific pages.


I would like to create a Klipfolio dashboard where I can see the number of organic visitors to pages containing "daekguide" in the landingPagePlusQueryString, using data from GA4. I am able to extract this data from GA4, but when I create it as a data source in Klipfolio, the date, landingPagePlusQueryString, and number of visitors are all classified as "value", which makes it difficult to separate them and create a chart. How can I solve this issue? Also, is it possible to get a specific report from GA4 to Klipfolio?

The datasource is as follows: {"dimensions":[{"name":"date"},{"name":"landingPagePlusQueryString"},{"name":"sessionMedium"}],"metrics":[{"name":"sessions"}],"dateRanges":[{"startDate":"30daysAgo","endDate":"yesterday"}],"dimensionFilter":{"filter":{"fieldName":"landingPagePlusQueryString","stringFilter":{"matchType":"CONTAINS","value":"daekguide","caseSensitive":false}}},"limit":"1000","metricAggregations":["TOTAL"]}

So, I want to create a klip that shows how many organic visitors there are from google to specific pages containing "daekguide" in a specific date range (e.g last 7 days). I don't want to display all the landingpage names on the chart, but just the count of visitors and the development.



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    Rasmus Cederskjold

    This is how the chart looks like right now. In the first column, I just want to display the date and the second column the count.


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    Kalyani Khandelwal

    Hi Rasmus, 

    GA4 returns the values as metrics and dimensions array. You will need to edit the x-path inorder to select the data at the specific index from that array. 

    The array is returned as per the query, so if you have Session as the first metric in the query string then the Sessions are returned at first index of MetricValues array. 

    One can select the data from the array and double-click the selected x-path in the column to edit it. 

    You can use /rows/metricValues[1]/value Xpath to select the first value from the metrics array which Sessions here. 
    To select the date from the dimensions array you can use the following x-path construct.
    Since the date is the first dimension here you would choose the 1 st value in the XPath from dimensionValues array. 


    If you want to select the landing page string you can use rows/dimensionValues[2]/value in a hidden data to filter based on the landing page. 

    Hope that helps. 

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