Twitter API Sunset (April 29)

Hi Everyone!

This is a heads up that access to the Twitter API will be deprecated by April 29, 2023. Before the access goes away, you can easily download a copy of your Twitter data. 

If you are a Klips user, you can download data via the Klip CSV/Excel download, or directly from the data source itself. This will allow you to keep a snapshot of your Twitter data which can be used as a data source in Klips without refreshing, or saved to your records. 

If you are a PowerMetrics user, your Twitter data is safely stored in history, even when it can no longer be refreshed. You can also download a copy of your data directly from the metric view. You can select the table view, or other visualization and then export that data. 


If you have any questions, please contact support @ klipfolio.com or post your question here. 

Happy Dashboarding!



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