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Hi, I have a simple table that displays Salesperson name the sales for the day for them.

We have a few other methods of orders coming into our data one called web-user and another called administrator.

I want to merge these 2 in to 1 name which would display as Web Orders and then the combine value of those 2 names.

Is it possible? If so how do I do this? 



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    Parker Selman Official comment

    Hi Dom, 

    Thanks for the post! 

    Based on this description, you may want to use the IF function to change 'web-user' and 'administrator' for "Web Orders" in your data. This function would look like:

    IF ( IN(@Your Data , ARRAY("web-user" , "administrator")) , "Web Orders" , @Your Data ) 

    This would replace all instances of those two entries with "Web Orders". You can then use the grouping functions within Klipfolio to combine values. 

    I hope this helps! Please reach out to support@klipfolio.com if you have any questions, 


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    Dom Oldham

    Thats worked a treat.

    Thank you very much.

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