General Beginner Best Practices

Hi All,

Trial user here and I'm trying to figure out if this is the correct product for us and if I'm doing things correctly -- or what the best practices are.

My overall goal is to have a dashboard for each of our clients that shows GA4 organic data (broken down by different time frames and that can have the date range updated with a dropdown like in Looker Studio) and GMB phone calls and clicks data.

--->. Do I need to create a separate "Data Source" for each query for each client for each service?
For example - GA4 -
1) for Client-A do I run a GA4 query that pulls all of the data I might need? (e.g. organic traffic for the last year)
2) or for Client-A do I run a GA4 query that only pulls what I want right now (e.g. organic traffic for last year, organic traffic for last month, organic traffic for the month before that)?
Or do I create a large GA4 query that pulls the organic traffic for the year for all clients, and then sort it in my Klips?
Data Modelling
1. I can generate the queries for GA4, but it's hard for me to convert the JSON to the Data Model. Are there tips on how to do that? I'm just clicking around on points in the JSON hoping to get a model that works -- and I know that's not the way to do it.

Thank you!

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