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We have a chart showing total sales per week for the year to date - the x axis is week numbers from 1 through to 52. I have added a second series for cumulative sales as a line graph above the columns and at the moment the cumulative line sits in a straight line from the current week through to the end of the year.

We would like to know if its possible to only show the data up to the current week the same as the columns?

I realise we could limit the x axis to only show up to the current week however we would like to see it with the full year view to get a quick visual on where we are sitting in relation to year end.


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    Meggan King

    Hi Charlie,

    It should be possible to only show data upto the current week and still see the full year. The support team can help since they will need to look at your current formulas to suggest how to hide data after current week and not display it. You can reach them at support @ klipfolio.com



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