Sort series labels according to order in component tree

I'd find it useful if the order of the series labels corresponded with the order of the series in the component tree.


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    Support Team

    Hi There,

    Thanks for contacting Klipfolio Support!

    You can try moving the series in the component tree using the options: Move Series Up or Move Series Down so that it matches the order of the series label.

    You can find the option as shown in the screenshot:

    Hope this helps!

    Kind Regards,

    Pratyusa Ray

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    VBE Polarstern

    The problem is that your order control also takes into account the chart type. As far as I can see in our clip, labels of bar charts are always places before labels of line charts.

    So my request is in fact a feature request to change that: In my opinion, the order of the series label should correspond to the order in the tree editor regardless of the chart type.

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