Concat data sources

I have maybe a kind of special use case. I want to fetch data from youtube analytics API but i also need meta information on the each video (like the description). It seems that the only way to do this, is to request two different endpoints.

So here is my approach:

1. fetch analtics data from the analytics endpoint (returns a list of video ids with corresponding view count)
2. chunk the list into chunks of size 50 (youtube data api only supports up to 50 elements in a batch request
3. for each chunk call the meta endpoint with the video ids (return list of video ids with e.g. description)

Even though i think this is poorly solved by youtube, i need to deal with it. Is there any way in klipfolio to pass the output of one data source to as input to another data source (in this case addtionally with chunking)?

Thanks a lot!


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