Connecting Pardot to Klipfolio - New steps for Spring 2021

As of Spring 2021, all integrations with Pardot will need to be updated to utilize the Salesforce OAuth flow. This means that existing Pardot data sources will need to be updated.

Before you can update the data source, you’ll first need to set up your Pardot account as a connected app in Salesforce. Salesforce has provided a guide here that will walk you through the initial setup process for this (NOTE: the callback URL for your connected app should be app.klipfolio.com ). Once you’ve successfully set up Pardot as a connected app in Salesforce, you’ll receive a consumer key, consumer secret, and a Pardot Business Unit ID. These three values will be needed when connecting Pardot to Klipfolio.

Once you’ve got Pardot set up as a connected app, you’ll need to follow the steps below to update your existing data source connections:

1: While viewing the data source, select ‘reconfigure’

2: At Query Parameters, replace the existing parameters with the parameters below:

Note: replace <Your Business Unit ID> with the Pardot Business Unit ID obtained after setting up Pardot as a connected app in Salesforce.

3: At Authentication, replace the authentication setup with the parameters and values below:

Note: replace <username>,<password>,<Your Client ID> and <Your Client Secret> with your Pardot username, password, consumer ID and consumer secret, respectively.

Once this has been configured, you’ll be able to access your Pardot data in Klipfolio.

Happy building!


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