Facebook Graph API 3.2 Deprecation (Action required!)

Hey everyone!

Just a heads up that Facebook Graph API version 3.2 will no longer be supported starting May 4, 2021. Where possible data sources using version 3.2 will be upgraded to version 3.3 automatically. A few endpoints will be upgraded to version 10, if possible. 

There are some things that we are unable to update for you and may need action on your part. You can find more details about version 3.3: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/changelog/version3.3 


The biggest change with version 3.3 will be with Page API endpoints

Starting with v3.3 onwards, for some Page API endpoints a page token is required. An example of the query will look like:



If there is no page access token, the data source will have the following error:

  "error": {
    "message": "(#190) This method must be called with a Page Access Token",
    "type": "OAuthException",
    "code": 190,
    "fbtrace_id": "AiA0szKtX7XB1Xa9LhuiVNd"

Handling Deprecated fields from Page API

The main deprecation from 3.2 to 3.3 are these following deprecated fields from the Page API - posts and feed objects. Instead of requesting the fields directly, you will request a new field called attachments and then use XPath to select the node. 

  • GET posts — The following fields on the {page_id}/feed, {page_id}/published_posts, {page_id}/posts, and {page_post_id} nodes are deprecated:
    • caption
    • description
    • link
    • name
    • object_id
    • Source
    • type

Get these fields' information using the attachments field instead. See the mapping in the table below.


Before migration:



After migration:




What happens to Klips that use these deprecated fields? 

With the fields such as name and description deprecated from /feed and /posts (replaced with the attachment sub-object), existing Klips and the XPath expression used to retrieve name and description will now return an empty string.

This means the XPath will need to be updated in the Klip











  • Two of our prebuilt Klips will be automatically updated. Facebook Recent Posts and Facebook Recent Feed
  • Please ensure all your Facebook /Posts data sources are returning data correctly after the May 4 date. 
  • Please verify all your Facebook Klips are displaying properly after the May 4 date. 

Let us know if you have any questions, we are here to help!



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    Oscar Rocha

    Thanks for this summary Meggan

    gonna make this changes very quick

  • 0
    Oscar Rocha

    Hi again,  I already change the xpath routes at my klips,  almost just changed message for description and link for url

    I have a question related to Data Sources that support modified recently

    I saw they added  v3.3  and at the end  attachemnts  but 

    what will be about the deprecated fields,  they are still at the end-point request.    Do we need to remove them in each request after may 4 or Klipfolio support will remove them in chain, or Do you know if the request will ignore them and keeps getting all data ?

    thank you  :)






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    Meggan King

    Hi Oscar, 

    The deprecated endpoints were not removed. I believe they would be ignored, but it's possible they will have to be removed. Are you seeing any errors on your side? 


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    Oscar Rocha

    Hi,  ok lets see what happend after May 4

    about errors, no, right now all seems correctly

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