If string include substring

Hi all,

can you please help me a little :) My background is in PHP programming and I am ready struggling with Klipfolio functions :/

I have a table and I want to check if the string includes substring. 


Main string: "368 - Test my John Smit name"

I want to check if this string includes the word "John Smit".

Can you please help me what function should I use. I have already tried: INDEXOF, CONTAINS but for now no luck...

Thank you for your help

Best regards, Boštjan

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    Meggan King


    CONTAINS will return a true or false: 

    INDEXOF returns a numeric value


    SUBSTRING with INDEXOF can parse your line


    However, in your case, I assume you have data and not a simple line, so I'm not clear on what you are trying to create here? You can always reach the support team at support @ klipfolio.com 



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