How to create Calculated Metrics using Instant Metrics

Klipfolio has quite a number of instant PowerMetrics to choose from. This article describes how to combine these Instant metrics into one PowerMetric to create a calculated metric.

In this article we are using Instant Metrics from Google Analytics. You can choose up to 5 Instant metrics each time.




In this example, we only use 2 Instant metrics; Users and Website New Users.




The Users metric is the count of new and returning users to your website which is segmented by Channel. The Website New Users metric is the count of users that visit your website for the first time which is also segmented by Channel. Now in this example we want to calculate the returning users to your website.

In order to calculate the number of returning users, we would need to subtract the number of Website New users from All users.



This is the formula to use in your calculated PowerMetric.




Below picture shows you the calculated metric Returning users in a tabular form which is created from the Users and Website New Users Instant metrics. You can create other calculated metrics to sum, average, or any other available aggregation you are looking for.




Hope this helps!



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