[VIDEO] How to build a PowerMetric Dashboard

In this video, learn how to create your own Web Analytics dashboard to monitor website performance. Learn how to create a new dashboard, add metrics, and further customize your PowerMetrics dashboard. You’ll learn how-to:
  • Show values on a chart
  • Duplicate metrics to visualize the same data differently
  • Easily toggle between visualizations 
  • Add images and text
By the end of the video, you’ll be able to build your own dashboard with the metrics that matter most to you. Click the image to watch the full video or jump to a timestamp below.

Useful Timestamps:

0:19 Add a new dashboard
0:33 Add metrics to dashboard
0:52 Dashboard-building best-practice
1:08 Resize and reposition metrics on the dashboard
1:28 Show values on the chart
1:39 Duplicate a metric on the dashboard
2:15 Update visualization in a metric
3:25 Add images to dashboard
3:44 Add text to dashboard

Happy dashboarding!


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