How to create Multiple Metrics using Instant Metrics

Klipfolio has a lot of prebuilt or instant PowerMetrics to choose from. This article describes how to combine these Instant metrics into one PowerMetric in your dashboard in order to even have more powerful visualizations.

In this article we are using Instant Metrics from Google Analytics. You can choose up to 5 Instant metrics each time.




In this example, we only use 2 Instant metrics: Page Views and Users.




In order to create a multi-metric you would need to first add your PowerMetric to your dashboard. Once one of them is in your dashboard, then you can merge it into another PowerMetric by clicking on the Data tab from the right hand side menu.



Below picture is showing you the Multi-metric created by the number of Page Views and Users all in one bar-graph over time.



These multi-metrics come in very handy when you want to layer one PowerMetric on top of another PowerMetrics to compare them together.  


Hope this helps!


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