Data source failure due to form permissions

My company dashboard are failing to get data because of data source failures. 
-issue noticed are materialized view permissions. 
-issue noticed is failure for data sources to fetch data. 

and dashboards are reflecting wrong data.

Any way of going about these issues?

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    Meggan King


    For the Klips product:

    Data sources failing to fetch data will have details on the failure under 'Refresh Info' for each data source - unless they are dynamic data sources. 

    If they are dynamic data sources failing to refresh, you will need to test using the dynamic properties for each failing instance to view the specific error message. 

    If Klips are not displaying the data that is in the data source (or data source instance for dynamic data sources), then you must look at the formula and functions in the Klip and ensure there is no filtering conditions for values or dates, preventing the data from showing. 

    For your specific situation, it will be best to contact the Klipfolio support team. Be sure to have the dashboard, Klip and data source in your ticket and show the issue happening where the incorrect data is showing, or not matching the specific data source. 

    Thank you,


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