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Hey there, I am one of the folks here at Klipfolio who manages and develops our knowledge base. I'd love to hear what you think of our new Help Center. Have you found it useful? Do you see yourself turning here for help? Are there other resources you'd like to see on here?

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    T V

    More rigorous examples please!


    I turn to the resource center quite a bit. However, I would like to request that you include more examples when you are explaining specific functions. Most of those functions include just the most basic example, which is never what I need help with. Multiple examples for each function would be fantastic.


    For example, how to pick out the max value from a row of values with a text header, a "total" value at the end, and a few blank values in the middle. This one gave me fits - but it turns out that MAX() does not work well with blank values. You have to first slice() then trim(), and then you can MAX(). Or how to use select() when your condition includes multiple values, like "California" and "Calif" and "Califorina". 


    Thanks Tamsin! 


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