Allow end-users to apply conditional filters to their Klips. For example: Filter the data to show only Products = ABC, and Price < $1,000 Optionally, allow Klip builders to pre-filter the Klip, or data sources to have filters applied to them before use in a Klip.


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    Klipfolio Support Official comment

    We have been approaching this as a concept called 'dynamic data sources'. This will allow you to create a user input control, say a drop down with geographies, and put a variable in the data source definition related to geographies.

    The result would be that as a user changes the input control to, say Canada, the data source is filtered to provide data for Canada.

    In the background, an instance of the data source would be created with that value from the drop down populating the variable in the data source query.

    If the instance already exists, the dashboard will leverage that like any other data source. If the instance does not already exist, it would be created.

    We have been testing this kind of thing for a while and are working on productizing it.

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    Hugh Seet
    Is there an update to this? Can we pass a variable to a datasource so it is filtered?
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    Nicolas Karim
    Is this feature in yet? I could not find it. I started using this today. I would love to see a way for us to filter data based on top 10 values or 10 most recent values in a table, etc... Otherwise, we cannot use raw data as datasources and have to resort to using other tools to manipulate the data sources before feeding them to the klips.
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    Klipfolio Support
    Filters can already be applied to Klips by using User Input Controls and Variables. This allows the end user to view a dashboard and have an Input Control to select a value, such as a geography, and filter the data on the Klip, Dashboard/Tab or across all dashboards. The Top 10 can be achieved through formulas by Sorting the data and using the SLICE function. (for tips see http://klipfolio.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/514784-tips-and-techniques-slice-function) SLICE (SORT(values) , 0, 10) To be driven by a User Input Control, replace the 10 with the variable associated with your Input Control.
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    Mike Sullivan

    Is there a way to do this without a selectable control?  We have a klip that has a few tables with 18 total columns, all based off a subset of one data source.  We end up wrapping all of our logic in a SELECT formula with an IN clause for matching values.  We like this format for project reporting, but each new version of it requires a lot of copy/pasting these formulas.  It would be nice to be able to set some variable and have that get passed to each data point.

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