Better management of multiple tabs (drilldown?)

Need a better way to manage lots of tabs. When it gets to 10+ it starts to be unwieldly. In particular, we have a lot of tabs that are detail of higher level summaries. Like there's a main dashboard with the KPIs, but then we have an entire additional tab with more detail and much deeper data. It would be nice if the detail tabs were somehow accessed by drilling down from the main tab or otherwise able to be hidden away when you first hit your dashboard.


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    Klipfolio Support Official comment

    This is under review. We've looked at a number of options as to how to enhance how users can work with many tabs. As Mr. Biswas mentions, there is the ability to use links to set up a structure of links between dashboards to open a new dashboard on your screen or replace the dashboard you are viewing with another one.

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    Hugh Seet
    I have the exact same problem. Each tab ends up with 2 letters visible only as the title. As a temporary measure I propose to allow to put the tab into multiple lines at the very least. At least we can manipulate to group certain tabs into the 1st line, 2nd line, etc... It is not ideal but at least still usable. Obviously a sub-menu or 2-layer tab is better. We need to make do with something first please!
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    Mallinath Biswas
    Currently you can setup a link from a table/value component on a main dashboard page to another tab. It is a completely manual hard-coded process, though
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    Patrick Fahrun
    I am confronting the same problem too. I need an option to group the tabs on categories and then choose from different sub-tabs. Thanks!
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