Auto Page Breaks when Downloading Tabs as PDF

We have long tabs that serve as reports and often print them off via pdf for meetings. At the moment, when viewing the tabs on screen, there's no indication of where the page will break when printed to pdf. When dashboard is printed to pdf, it cuts klips wherever the page breaks, so it will split a graph across two pages, making it unreadable. We'd like Klipfolio to push Klips to the next page when printing, or provide a 'start klip on new page' function so we can control the layout of the pdfs and keep klips in one piece.


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    Peter Matthews Official comment

    The "Download as PDF" feature now provides an option (the default) to split tabs in a way that avoids spanning Klips across multiple pages (when possible).

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    Jennifer Tedeschi
    Agree -- does no good to not be able to print your dashboard out. Also, I don't mind advertising Klipfolio when I PDF a dashboard, however, I would appreciate your advertisement be placed lower on the page so that it doesn't cut off the clips. Your logos could also be much smaller in size than the are in my opinion. Very frustrating that I cannot get this printed right,..this function should be easy.
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    Mark Jones
    Me too. The page breaks make it impossible to use export to PDF as a real function. This cuts down on the ways I cab share content that I create with a wider audience which reduces my need for this service.
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