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Scale X Axis omissions dynamically based on the number of points vs the size of the graph. Currently, you need to choose a static "Drop every Xth label" which does not scale well at all. E.g "Drop every 7th label" works well for 90 days of data, but if I switch to 7 days of data, there is only one label. Most charting libraries do this.


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    Klipfolio Support Official comment

    Introduced with an update to our charting engine. For series charts (bar/line), select the X Axis int he component tree, on the properties tab, there is an option for Auto under label drop.

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    Soren Pedersen
    This would be great not only with variable date ranges but also when you give the users the possibility of grouping dates (by day, month, quarter, year, etc.).
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    Tamara de Heij
    I agree with the comments of the trial user (Feb 3): a group by a logical time range would be great.
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    Developer Account
    I'm having this issue too using an input filter. Ultimately, I want as as many labels to show as possible without any overlapping. It'd be great if there was an "auto" option to automatically drop labels when they being to overlap.
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