Scheduling e-mail report for Klips and Tabs

Ability to schedule e-mailing of Klips/Tabs to different users. From a scheduling perspective, this would be similar to how we can schedule email reports in Google Analytics. Features including 'subject line', 'recipient list' (to whom the Klip/Tab can be emailed), 'frequency' (how often they should be emailed), 'day/time of the week' (on which day/time Klip/Tab should be emailed) would be an added enhancement to the existing functionality where a Klip/Tab can be emailed to multiple recipients. The main drawback with the existing email functionality is that it is manual rather than being automated and does not provide an easy mechanism for scheduling. This functionality would be very useful for us (Lens10) as an organisation since it would give us greater flexibility in notifying our clients more frequently regarding changes made to various Tabs/Klips. Thanks, Lens10


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    Peter Matthews Official comment

    You can now schedule Klip or tab PDF/image reports via email to other Klipfolio users in your account.

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    Mike Fisher
    Would really need that feature. from my perspective, this is a show-stopper for us for a broader adoption of Klipfolio for our clients. Although we/our client do understand the value a real time dashboard, they/we also need flat views we can refer ourselves when needed. It shouldn't be that much of an hard feature to implement as the manual option already exists. Thanks for your work on this. -- Mike
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    Azucena Coronel
    Hello, Just wondering if it's possible to implement this scheduling ability to send reports to non-klipfolio users by sending them by email? Cheers!
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