Is my klip up to date?

One thing we’ve found with the recent outages (which are perfectly understandable in a beta!) is that we’re just not sure if the data we’re looking at is up to date and we have to check out the data source manually. Now the average viewer of klips wouldn’t necessarily have permissions to do that and could assume the data is recent when it’s not. A possible solution might be that in the bar across each klip whether it could give a date/time stamp of when the datasource or klip last refreshed. Then you could be confident that the data is up to date.


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    Peter Matthews Official comment

    Klips with failed data sources are now marked with a red exclamation point on the dashboard. Clicking the image provides a path to resolve the problem.

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    This is a great idea and I also miss not being sure if the data is up do date.
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    Peter Matthews
    In the latest update (July 25th 2012) we've added 2 features that make it easier to see if a Klip is up-to-date. 1. Klips now animate when any of the data sources they use update, and data has changed. 2. If you use the "About Klip" menu item to go to the Klip's Info page in the Library, you'll see a Last Refreshed date.
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