Append Data Sent Via Email

I want to be able to send data to you via email and have it parsed out and appended to similar data that was already sent.


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    Saverio Serafino
    It would be an awesome feature!
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    Dan Pronovost
    This feature would be great with sparklines. Basically, it is common to have some metric computable at any given time, but not easy to calculate it over time. So, if KlipFolio allowed a data source to 'grow' with additional rows, then this would allow this feature. The work around is to aggregate the data yourself over time, and then repopulate the the datasource in full. If this is added, a feature to indicate the maximum number of rows to retain would be good.
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    Michael Koptiw
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    Stephen Yates

    I am happy to share that it is now possible to store data history in Klipfolio. The new Metric Monitoring capability allows you to define a metric to track over time. Additional data is stored for the metric on each data refresh. 

    You can learn more about metrics here. As well the Knowledge Base has a bunch of useful articles

    Thank you,


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    Hugh Macken

    Stephen - I was hoping to create tables displaying multiple metrics rather than only high level views of one or 2 metrics. Would I be able to do with with Klipfolio Metrics?

    Also, for data sources, with Zoho Analytics, one can set the data source update settings data sources (including data sources where a CSV is emailed in to Zoho Analytics) to the following when the data source is refreshed:

    1. Delete existing records and add
    2. Add new, replace existing and delete missing records
    3. Add records to the end
    4. Add records and replace if already exists

    In relation to item 2, one then has to select the columns one would like Zoho Analytics to use to match existing records as shown below.

    My most pressing need is to be able to do point 2 in relation to my emailed in data sources where I am emailing in csv files to klipfolio. 

    The reason for this need is as follows:

    Oftentimes the API from which I am collecting data (or the email reports I am able to create) only grabs data from the last 90 days or the last 180 days. I would like to create a report in those systems that grabs data from the last 90 days every month but allows my data source in klipfolio to store all historical data collected from each of those monthly reports.

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