Support for google ChromeCast

Currently it is only possible to show klipfolio on a TV with ChromeCast by casting it through Chrome and the GoogleCast extension. Unfortunatly this option suffers from quality loss and forces you to keep the tab enabled in the browser. It would be nice if Klipfolio supported the option to cast directly to the chromecast device. Thus allowing you to close the tab and improving the qaulity displayed on the monitor.


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    Vimla Vimlasson
    Great idea, is it possible to fix?
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    Chris Emmons

    Our Chromecast seems to encounter a bug when casting Klipfolio's dashboards.. but never any other url.

    We have 3 in our office, all on the same network, all off the same virtual server, only one from Klipfolio, and it randomly disconnects/loses the casting session regardless of the device or tv.


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    Andrea Leonard

    Enhanced ChromeCast support would be a welcome addition, as the ChromeCast devices are definitely the most "value' oriented hardware supported by Klipfolio.


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