Save datasource credentials (MySQL, Google Analytics ID, etc) as a token

I have to input my credentials (MySQL: database, username, password etc. Google Analytics: ID) again and again for every datasource I create. If these credentials would be saved in tokens that would be great. I would prefer it if they would be selectable and updatable, if the username changes for example. Keep up the great work! Mark


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    Klipfolio Support Official comment

    While not exactly how you described it, we have introduced the ability to duplicate a data source. The duplicated data source will contain the configuration information of the original and simplify updating it to reflect your new query.

    We'll still keep an eye on improving this.

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    Mallinath Biswas
    this will be a good feature, better still if the concept of "connection pooling" is implemented
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    Jesse Jenken
    I agree with this, but I've worked around the issue using Autohotkey macros which makes data-source creation quite painless.
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    Rick Johnston
    I've solved this using the Chrome extension for LastPass. It allows me to save custom fields for filling forms. I've simply setup a profile called Klipfolio and the added each of database elements. Now every time I setup a new data connection it's just two clicks.
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