A totals row in table components

For table components, allow the Klip builder to add a calculated totals row at the bottom of the Klip. The user should be able to specify formulas for how columns totals are treated.


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    Peter Matthews Official comment

    This is now available.

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    Jim Whitwell
    Yes, a thousand times, yes!
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    Ryan McKnight
    Along with this - can we have the ability to bold, underline, or change the background of the total line so it will not blend in with the rest of the klip?
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    Jamie Cluett
    I'd really like to be able to have several total rows so that you can sum column C based on unique values in column A. For example: Category Money A 10 A 20 A 10 B 5 B 5 B 5 Total A 40 Total B 15
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