Allow (non-RSS) links to external URLs

It would be great to be able to link from a klip to an arbitrary URL. The News klip allows embedding a link, but it's displayed as text. There's also a Link component in the News klips, but it's not clear from the help what that's for; I suspect it may be the RSS feed URL.


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    Keely Davison Official comment
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    Peter Matthews
    Thanks for the suggestion. The plan is to let users assign any component a click or tap action. These actions could include going to an external URL, loading another set of components (drill across), drill down, etc. What we have in place for the news-style component is a short term solution. I'd love to see more votes for this idea!
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    Keely Davison
    And just to clarify the current new-style component functionality, you can add a URL as the link component in News klip.
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