The possiblity to join two source tables in a clip.

Source tables can only be 3mb (maybe only in trial mode) but if that is true... Is it possible to join two sources in a clip. I read about how you can use two sources in a clip, but I can't figure out how I can join the two tables... For example a table with client-info (primairy key = client-id) and a table of sales info that off course contains the client-id but has other fields... I wich for example to calculate the total sales per region... the region info is in the client table and the total sales is the sum of the sales-values in the sales table... I was hoping the JOIN function would do this but it does not.


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    Keely Davison Official comment

    see new function: LOOKUP

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    Steven Heynderickx
    "I wich" should be "I wish" "clip" should be "klip" "off course" should be "of course"
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    Keely Davison
    The function ARRAY can be used to combine two or more columns of data from two or more data sources.
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