Data source update, additional choices - weekly, monthly Xth day of month, etc.

I have some data sources that don't need to be updated daily, monthly would work - and if it could be scheduled as a recurring update on the Xth day of the month (3rd, for example), that would be perfect.


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    Arttu Piipponen

    Hear hear!

    • Monthly -> define the day number
    • Weekly -> define the week day

    Would be nice, and use less resources in data source server as well as at Klipfolio side.

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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Arttu,

    Thank you for adding your voice to our community and sharing your support for this idea.

    Can you help me better understand your situation?  Any additional information about your scenario would help with fleshing out the request and would contribute to prioritization.

    This request has not yet been prioritized for action, however I have added your name to the feature request so we can keep you in the loop if that changes.



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