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When editing data sources, it's very common to copy and paste the URL to a Google Analytics API request. It would take a lot less time to copy/paste or debug something if I didn't have to click "Reconfigure", click next to sign in to see the URL. For instance, the URL could be displayed when viewing details about a data source.


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    The core objective is to use the query from a data source to create a new data source. We've made this even easier by allowing you to duplicate a data source from the data source info page in the library.

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    Hi, Thank you for your idea. Your requested has initiated a deeper discussion about how this relates to security. Most data source API calls (the URL you mentioned) includes key pieces of information such as profile ID - and sometimes more, depending on the data source. One thing we released within the last few days was the ability to duplicate a data source. If your objective is to use the original data source as the starting point for another data source definition, I believe the ability to duplicate a data source should meet your needs. Please let me know if you had another reason for your request. Cheers, Scott.
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