Allow a pdf to be shown in a Klip

It would be useful to have a pdf as a data source for display in a Klip


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    Baron Lee

    I agree. Only images via URL isn't enough. I want to be able to upload PDFs instead of turning graphs into PDF for download!

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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Kevin, Baron,

    Thank you for raising this request.  Can you help me understand more about your use case and what you are trying to achieve?  Is the intent to have a 'PDF Viewer' of some kind inside Klipfolio to enable showing the contents of a PDF (similar to how we show an Image in the Image component)?  Can you help me understand more about how this enhances your dashboards for your users/dashboard viewers?  

    It could be that you both have very different use cases and needs.  It would be great to understand both.



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