create a data source from formulas apply to other data sources

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    Klipfolio Support
    Thanks for your idea! Can you help me understand more about your idea? What are you trying to achieve? How do you expect this will help your experience? The title describes creating a data source from formulas. Are you saying you are interested in having a way to transform the data up front in a way to make the results of the formula available consistently to Klip Builders so they are not having to create the same formula for each Klip they build on the data? Thanks, Scott.
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    Elevator Agency

    Hello Klipfolio. This feature would be HUGE. I would re-title this to something more like, Ability to create a data source from data calculated in a Klip. In creating the data source, as with all of your data sources, you would be able to indicate your desired "refresh" interval - hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Here's a simple scenario:

    You have a data source that you feed into Klipfolio every day on a schedule via some other SaaS product (like Quickbooks, for example). In this data, you are only feeding the metric at that given moment. Let's say this is Current Cash on Hand. This is one metric. Now, when displaying this on the dashboard in Klipfolio, this number is helpful to see on a daily basis, but what helps tell the "cash story" is seeing a 90 day historical trend. In order to do that in Klipfolio, your data feed from Quickbooks must have 90 days of data. In some SaaS applications, this isn't always readily available or easy to get.

    Here's where the proposed solution comes in...

    Create a data source in Klipfolio called Cash on Hand History. It's "source" is Klipfolio, specifically the value computed in the Current Cash on Hand Klip. If a daily snapshot was taken, you would then build-up a history of that Klip's value, allowing you to perform an analysis on that historical data to show a trend, for example.

    There are many applications that don't give you the ability to pull data in historical format, so this would be an amazing solution if it existed in Klipfolio.

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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Elevator Agency,

    Thank you for adding your voice to this enhancement request and outlining your usecase.  I will add your name and use case to this feature request for context and to help with prioritzation.



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