Horizontal lines in table

Currently there are no horizontal lines separating rows in the table-component. We are currently fixing this with our own css, but this should not be required.


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    Matt Fyfe

    I am desperate for this feature too. I'm sure this would be an easy addition. Option for borders between rows or alternately shaded rows would be perfect.


    I have very limited HTML/CSS experience, would someone be able to post how I might be able to add alternately shaded rows to my Klipfolio table. I see Per that you have a fix to do this. Any chance you could share your method.


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    Zach Kathnelson

    I think we can help with this, Matt - Kaushi from Klipfolio has a workaround that does not involve CSS.  I'll ask her to chime in here.  Thanks for calling it out!

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    Diane Sicsic

    Hi Zach, any update on that workaround? Thank you!

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    Jakob Fleiner

    I solved (worked around) this by adding a HTML-Template-component to the clip and then adding the following CSS to the Script-field:

    .cx-table td {
    border-top: 1px solid rgba(144,144,144,.3);
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    Tech Team

    Thank you Jakob ! 
    Greatly appreciated. 

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    Charlie Bantoft

    Hi there.  This feature still doesn't seem to be standard.  What's the plan.  I have a table that's pretty unreadable without them.


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    Sales Help

    Hi there. Could someone please show me how to apply the workaround as mentioned above by Jakob? We badly need this feature for our data to be readable enough. @Zach Kathnelson @Matt - Kaushi any update on the workaround that does not involve CSS? Please help. Thank you.

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