API support for PUT & POST calls to update existing data sources with data processed within Klipfolio

I would like to be able to update my data sources with data from within Klipfolio, so that the API is bi-directional. Part of the reason is to be able to maintain summary level (rather than transactional level) data in a data source and update it as new transactions come in.

This will help avoid the 10mb data source limit, and make it much easier to write / maintain Klips.


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    Keith Chapman

    Very good idea - agree wholeheartedly

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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi William, Keith, thanks for your idea and support.

    If I hear your use case correctly, it sounds like you are running into a data source size limit (or trying to avoid it).  Also, you are identifying that you do not need all the raw data in the original data source, but just the result of formulas working off the raw data.

    Can you describe an example of the kinds of data or metrics you are interested in doing this with?  

    Thanks again,





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