Variables as Klip headers.

Hi Folks,

I had a use case where I wanted today's date in the Klip header. Basically it would need a variable updating everyday. 

So I created a drop-down list in a layout grid, I assigned a variable to the drop down. 

Configured the formula to give me a text "Todays date is" + today's date in dd-MMM-yy format. 

I did a small trick to hide this drop-down as I don't necessarily need it. 

When you add a dropdown to the layout grid with single cell, it gives you a option to configure the layout and a layout tab will appear next to the properties of the drop-down list.  I set the height of the layout as 0.

Now I needed to add the variable name to the Klip title encoded in the curly braces. { } 



And it worked

Hope this helps you if you want to create something like this. 


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