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I'm after seeing if Klipfolio has the ability to rotate through a set of dashboards.


For example: I have 2 departments, Marketing and Sales. Each of these departments have a TV on the wall that shows their own dashboard. However, putting in lots of Klips onto a dashboard isn't really readable since all the information is so small from far away.

Can i have a single fullscreen Dashboard that will rotate through all the Klips on a page at fullscreen at set intervals to show off each one in detail?

It would be great to add this feature if there isn't one at present.





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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Amy,

    Thanks for contributing to the community!  (And for your idea.)

    At the moment, you can go into full screen mode and play all the dashboards that are visible to that user.  (Check out this article for additional context.) You can elect to have fewer Klips on the dashboard, to give focus, and just have more dashboards open to be stepped through.  

    An interesting idea to focus the cycle on a Klip rather than a dashboard.  Thank you for suggesting it!



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    Rupert Bonham-Carter

    Hi Amy - if you would like to explore more flexible ways to push dashboards (even single Klip dashboards), you may want to experiment with our internal configuration.  https://support.klipfolio.com/hc/en-us/articles/215952938-Using-RiseVision-to-display-your-Klipfolio-dashboard-on-big-screen-TVs-or-digital-wallboards?query=risevision

    Good luck, and shout if you have any questions.

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    Trudy Voorhees

    I would like to have this feature as well - to have klips displayed one at a time for 10 seconds or so. It would be very powerful, particularly for TV dashboards.



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    Christian Bourque


    Has there been any developments regarding this feature? This is a major show stopper for us! We need to broadcast a dashboard containing many klips on a big TV connected to an Airtame device, but at this time it's a no-go since many klips aren't shown due to the height limitation!



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