The Introductions Thread. Let's get to know each other!

Hi everyone!

Use this thread to introduce yourself and your company. Give a short intro, and leave a link to your website, social profiles, etc. 

My name is Jon Taylor. I'm a digital marketer here at Klipfolio. I've built a number of marketing dashboards using services like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Marketo, and social media sources. If you ever have a question, I'd be glad to help.

Now it's your turn :)


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    Nicholas Manojlovic


    I came here looking for a way to build dashboards using my Marketo data. I've created some pretty good impressions based on my Klipfolio dashboards. 

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    Jonathan Taylor

    Hi Nicholas,

    Great to meet! What type of Marketo dashboards are you building? As a Marketo nerd and dashboard builder, I'm always looking for new and interesting uses of Marketo data.


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    Nicholas Manojlovic

    Hi Jon - I'm in education, and we meet students at various events around the world. Primarily I'm aggregating the information we collect into a series of dashboards for various stakeholders. 

    I feel like each day I unlock a little more potential in Klipfolio! Currently I'm playing around with input selectors, which is working well. I'm trying to figure out how to have two input selectors in concert though.. 

    Here is my input selector varCountry:

    Here is my input selector varFaculty:

    Array( "All Faculities", GROUP(faculty))

    Here is my clumsy attempt at handing it:

    ( If (varInput = "All Countries"), GROUPBY(studyarea), GROUPBY(AND(inferredCountry = varCountry), (faculty=varFaculty))

    As you can see, I haven't yet figured out a way to test for both selectors choosing the first supplied value in the array, in other words.. this fails:

    Input 1: All Countries

    Input 2: All Faculties

    Output: False


    I feel like this could be easily accomplished the long way with some sort of IF inception, but it wouldn't be very efficient, especially if I wanted to add a third or fourth input. 


    Any ideas?


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    Meggan King

    Hey Nicholas - Instead of IF, you can use SELECT with multiple conditions. The conditions can be joined using logic functions like AND or OR, depending on if they both need to match, or just one needs to match. 

    For example: SELECT( studyarea, AND ((inferredCountry = varCountry), (faculty=varFaculty))

    When you use variables, the condition is run as soon as you make a selection on the input (or on button press, if you use a submit button). The select condition can grow to include as many variables from input controls as you want. 


    In your example above, the GROUPBY() would actually be something like: GROUPBY( SELECT( studyarea, AND ((inferredCountry = varCountry), (faculty=varFaculty)), SELECT( XXXarea, AND ((inferredCountry = varCountry), (faculty=varFaculty)), method )


    These documents should also help - https://support.klipfolio.com/hc/en-us/articles/216182567-SELECT-functionhttps://support.klipfolio.com/hc/en-us/articles/215547108-Variableshttps://support.klipfolio.com/hc/en-us/articles/215547998-GROUP-and-GROUPBY-functions-


    If you'd like to discuss your formula in more detail offline or have us help debug, feel free to send us an email to support@klipfolio.com 


    - Meggan 

    Klipfolio Technical Support

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    Mourad Betkaoui

    Hi, My name is Mourad.

    I'm a BI Consult for SERIAL SA, an IT Company based in Geneva.

    Currently I'm building dashboard to do analyzes on several web sites though Google Analytics.


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    Chanly Nguyen

    Hey Guys,

    Its Chan here from Australia - stumbled across Klipfolio and I can say the service is amazing.

    Unfortunately the time difference makes it a little hard to communicate, but I will be around here more in the near future.

    Looking to build a global markets dashboard, to track  key indices, economic data, technical  indicators for trading for my team.

    Take note: I have little to no exp in BI whatsoever!

    Catch you around.

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    Claudia Pilgrim

    From the capital of politics, parties and persuasion…Washington, DC (ok, really the suburbs of Maryland), I'm Claudia Pilgrim.


    I take small and mid-sized businesses to the next revenue level by building, analyzing and fixing their sales and marketing funnels.  Klipfolio happens to be one of the tools I use to visualize real time performance.


    My background is steeped in business intelligence and data analytics where I bring data mining insights and marketing optimization to my client's helping them to scale for growth, bring in leads and increase the coveted repeat customer sales.


    When I'm not doing funnel forensics I'm running around with my kids (their social lives are so much more demanding these days) or enjoying a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.


    Claudia "Analytics Chick" Pilgrim

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    Tim Ceuppens

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Tim Ceuppens and I'm from Belgium. I work for an online marketing agency and we use Klipfolio for all our reporting, as well as designated dashboards for clients.

    Love Klipfolio, love the people from Klipfolio. A die hard fan is born. :)


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    Derek Visser

    Hi all, 

    I'm Derek, digital strategist at online marketing agency Expand Online based in The Netherlands. During the many years I spent measuring and interpreting data in numerous tools the need for an allround dashboarding tool grew. A tool in which I could import, and, most importantly, combine all my data to gain insights. 

    Klipfolio offers me all the functionalities I need to make my life a lot easier. Now, I've made Klipfolio dashboards for a number of companies, connecting a lot of data sources delivering great insights! 

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    Samantha Torres


    I'm Samantha Torres, Director of SEO at Blueprint, a digital media agency in Atlanta, Georgia.

    We are building an automated reporting solution for our clients using Klipfolio across all of our marketing channels (SEO, PPC and social). We're also building an internal solution to give better visibility of work loads and client campaign statuses to facilitate true lightning round meetings. To do this, we're integrating with JIRA, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google AdWords, Facebook (organic and ads), InfusionSoft, SheerSEO, Google Docs, Harvest and Quickbooks.

    When looking for a reporting tool, we couldn't find any platform that would actually deliver all the data we need across all three channels. We always found solutions that specialized in one or two, and then would fall very short in the third. So, we decided to start building one for ourselves and our clients using Klipfolio. So far, it's been amazing!

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    Brett Wiley

    Hi! I'm Brett Wiley with Derry Management and we work with a few home and home improvement related companies in the Northeast US. We were looking for a tool that would allow us to easily relay analytics and sales information to the managers of the different companies we work with and we found that Klipfolio was perfect for that exact issue and it was very affordable!

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    Oscar Rocha

    hey there. my name is Oscar Rocha im 27 and live in leon guanajuato mexico. im an ing on computer.technologies and i work in a digital marketig agency as media analyst. kind.of.why am here with this comunity of klipfolio. im learning japanese and planning to go japan tosearch for.the One Piece. はしめまして

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    Lincoln L

    Lincoln from Vancouver BC. Digital Marketing Supervisor at a large auto group. Using Klip to build a dash board across the group for lead results.

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    José Antonio Jaime Martínez


    My name is Tony and I just started working at Lievant Studio(Digital Marketing Agency in León, México).  

    I'm getting to know Klipfolio, which is largely used here for the client's reports. 

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    Roger Crist

    Hi, I'm Roger and I work at eFileCabinet in Lehi, UT (USA).  We implemented Klipfolio almost two years ago and it has been a great ride.  It has been so helpful to integrate directly with our Salesforce.com platform.

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    Gisela Diez

    Hello! I'm Gisela from Spain but working in the U.K. as insight analyst at Sophus3. 

    We started over a year ago working with Klipfolio and although sometimes it's been a big challenge to learn this new skill, it's amazing how much you can improve just by building new dashboards/Klips. Using KF internally but also externally with out clients allow us to go one step beyond and excel in our deliverables, while becoming more efficient. 

    Looking forward to see new features being developed! :) 




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    Henrik Christensen

    Hi - Henrik here. Working with sales primarily but also marketing and entire P&L. I Try to build dahsboard that will motivate and energize as well as provide the best possible leading indicators.

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