Support for international time zones [URGENT]

For users outside of the USA this is a huge problem when developing date-related Kilps. Currently, it means that any date related data is wrong, unless you write a complicated date & time calculation to correct it according the the current time zone difference. It is compounded by daylight saving, resulting in up to 4 adjustments every year.

For example, as I write now in Sydney, Australia - the KF date is yesterday!

For such an acclaimed product, this is a very serious issue, which needs addressing ASAP!


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    Meggan King Official comment

    Hi There -

    We are currently working on an improvement for this. It is in it's final stages and will go to QA soon. If you send us your email address to support@klipfolio.com we can make sure you are notified once it is released.

    Thank you,

    Meggan (Klipfolio support)

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    Keith Chapman

    Agree  that this is a major problem outside the US

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    Arttu Piipponen

    This issue may be solved, some time ago? In account settings / settings / general the default time zone can be set.

    So this issues has been solved, will it be moved somewhere and closed, as I was still seeing it among non-solved requests?

    EDIT: to be more precise, this could be found under "no status" 
    "Completed" would be better at this point.

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