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I want to get tickets from my Freshdesk, and here i need to use pagination.

The response gives vi 30 entrys, and gives the total:

After reading some post, I see it is possible to use pagination in Klipfolio - so perfect! The max number of opening ticket we have, is max 100, so do see us hit the timeout.

I the tried to create a new datasource with the page parameter, but it fails.
My URL is: https://company.freshdesk.com/api/v2/search/tickets?query="status:2 OR status:3"&page={props.page}

What do I do wrong? :)

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    Shima Beigzadeh Official comment

    Hi Casper, 

    Thanks for posting in our community! 
    Looking into Freshdesk API, I see per_page parameter, that you can set it to the maximum of 100. That means we will get 100 items per page.
    Then, in your URL, page parameter is the variable used in the dynamic datasource query that specifies the page request. And this page parameter should have a valid value (i.e. 1)in the klip editor before you click on get the data in your datasource. 
    In this post we have explained how to create a dynamic datasource with multiple pages. Please follow the steps and if you have still had questions, don't hesitate to send us email at support@klipfolio.com so we can take a closer look into your case and help you out. 


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