Problems sharing klips and dashboards

Our team has a lot of klips alreadyy, and we are trying to share dashboards with different users and so on. Whenever we try to share a dashboard with a new user, we also have to go and share the klips for the dashboard. 


this is a really bad process, as for if I am sharing the dashboard with them it should share the klips at the same time.

With a lot of klips, it is even harded to find the right klips to share with them.


How can we make this better, or is there a workaround?

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    Meggan King

    Hi Dan -

    When you share the dashboard are you adding dashboards to Groups and users to Groups that have those dashboards? There may be a way to improve the process, but I'll need to understand how you are sharing. If you'd like to take this offline, you can email me at support@klipfolio.com, or we can work through it here in the community for the benefit of others too. 

    - Meggan



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