provide a "refresh all" button in the data sources tab

Please provise an option for manually refreshing all data sources at once.This will be very useful in a development mode or when you want to make sure all the dashboards are up-to-date (right before a big presentation, maybe?) right after the batch data processing job finishes...


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    Klipfolio Support Official comment

    We recently released the ability to select an entire page of data sources and click one button to queue for refresh.

    Combine that with the ability to filter the view of data sources to "Failed Data Sources" (using the show filter), and you are able to add a page of data sources to the refresh queue at a time.

    Check it out in the Library on the Data Sources page.

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    Jesse Jenken
    Equally important, a Re-Enable All button. We had our data sources go offline due to a network outage on our end, and re-enabling them all was unnecessarily tedious.
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    Gabriele Bandini
    Great Idea +1
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    Parvi Parvi
    Great Idea!
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    Vimla Vimlasson
    +1 and would also like to see an option to update all data sources in current tab
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    Bob Rosenschein
    I would like a Refresh button next to the Share and Delete buttons on the Data Sources screen, so that I can select multiple data sources, and click refresh. I'd like the refreshes to occur serially, finishing one before starting the next, so that my server's CPU doesn't hit 100%. Since there's already Select All button, this would also provide Refresh All functionality (in 2 clicks).
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