Add timezone setting to configuration

We are western European based, but can't change the timezone of our account (EDT by default). So now we constantly have to add 6 hours to check update times.


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    Yvonne Van Alphen

    Hi Jochem

    You can adjust the timezone in most of our DATE and TIME functions.


    Let me know if you want me to look at the specific Klip.




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    Ernie Prabhakar

    The DST link from Berkeley is 404

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    Yvonne Van Alphen

    Hi Ernie

    I have removed the second link as it appears to have moved or been deleted.

    Thanks for drawing this to my attention.


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    Ritz Steytler

    The challenge here is that if we use the standard Klips with (today) as a call function it pulls from the EDT timezone even though my Google/Facebook etc is set to GMT+4. Does this basically mean I need to rewrite the code for each of the standard klips to add the timezone? there is no standard timezone setting in the general account settings?

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    Nikta Kanuka

    Hi Ritz,

    We try to handle timezones to the best of our ability in any pre-built content you find in the Klip Gallery or Dashboard Gallery. Usually, this involves pulling your Google/Facebook account settings in via an API query, then using the result to offset any functions that are timezone-dependent (such as the TODAY() function). So, if your Google account is configured to be in GMT+4, we'll use that in the formulas when creating your Klip.

    Currently, there is no general account setting that would allow you to specify timezone, but our product team has definitely discussed this before! I will add your vote to the feature :). 

    Hope that helps,


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    Carl Steward

    Hi Klipfolio

    I'd really like to see Timezone as an option in the account settings. I'm in New Zealand and having to adjust now() and today() every time I use them is a pain. In fact, does it even work? I'm trying:

    DATEVALUE(now("GMT+12"), "dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm a")

    But no luck. :-(

    Please prioritise this for your international clients!


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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Carl,

    Thank you for adding your voice to the community and raising your support for this request.  I'll add you name to this feature request for additional context.

    In the meantime, to help with your current example, the timezone is a parameter of the DATEVALUE function as opposed to a parameter of the NOW function.  Please give this a try:

    DATEVALUE((NOW()),"dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm a","GMT+12")



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